It’s a new year and a high surge of energy naturally comes with it. The kind of energy that makes you feel you are just destined for a better life even if you don’t take any actions; an energy strong to make you venture into a new business or expand your already-existing one without a concrete plan on ground. That energy is boosted into confidence when your pastor lays hands and legs on you, prophesying the best things in life or when you speak faith.

But starting up or expanding your business successfully, requires more than new-year energy surge and positive faith. It also requires careful planning and strategic thinking, carving a niche for yourself or business in an already existing market/service.

Not knowing what to expect in the course of the business without a proper business plan and doing things the way everyone else is, are fail-safe ways to fail.

While a Business plan allows you to put your thoughts together and disciplines and helps you to anticipate the road blocks, potholes and traffic on the road to your destination (business success), offering services and product in a whole new way makes you very relevant and needed.

Here are a few tips on how to think creatively in business:

  • First, Be diverse by working with others:

There is a reason they say that two heads are better than one. Diverse teams can be far more creative than individuals because several brains naturally can generate more ideas than a single brain. So create a team or work with people of differing skills, talents and backgrounds, but with similar values and motivations.

  • Second, take a break:

Ceaselessly grinding away at a problem is less likely to produce a creative breakthrough than consistent effort combined with occasional breaks to rest, relax, and recharge. You come up with better ideas while walking than while standing still.

  • Third, Reduce time pressures:

Deadlines can make you less creative. So, while you may at times be forced to be creative when an 11th-hour problem strikes, you’ll probably be at your creative best in a more relaxed environment when you are not under the gun to deliver results quickly.

  • Fourth, Take a Birds Eye View: Take a few steps back and try to see things from a different viewpoint. Being able to separate yourself from the stress of troubling situations means being able to reach smarter and more creative solutions.

Written by Christabel Otobo

Christabel Otobo

Christabel Onome Otobo, popularly known as Cryxtal on radio is an On-Air Personality/Newscaster on Crown 89.9 FM, a Writer and a Life coach. She is the CEO of Milestone Ideas and Strategies Inc. with years of experience in Business Idea/Business development, intensive and extensive Brand creation and marketing. She holds a BSc in Biotechnology from University of Benin and international certifications in Business. In her words, she says:
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Thinking Creatively in Business

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