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I used to think financial literacy means being rich!

Now, I know better. Financial literacy starts with my mind, then it goes on to managing my finances rightly, building for my future, achieving purpose ....

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The Financial Literate Speaks

  • Have A Money Circle!

    Have A Money Circle!

    There was a recent outbursts of awe, astonishment, and motivation to the story of forty Nigerian women who through collaboration were each able to get …Read More »
  • Accounts Date Time!

    Accounts Date Time!

    Tomorrow starts the last month in the second quarter. Phew! Time flies fast, right? Periods serve as checkpoints for us to audit our personal finances. …Read More »
  • How to Overcome Shopping Guilt?

    How to Overcome Shopping Guilt?

    Have you ever felt guilty after your shopping? You feel excited about your purchase and a moment later, you start feeling guilty about your purchase …Read More »
  • How Do You Handle Black Tax?

    How Do You Handle Black Tax?

    Black Tax, commonly used in South Africa, refers to the financial support professionals are expected to give their immediate/extended families. So, you have a stable …Read More »
  • Add Some Sunshine to Your Finances

    Add Some Sunshine to Your Finances

    We all know that sunshine has a lot of benefits and can be used in different contexts. One meaning of sunshine is happiness or pleasure; …Read More »


I had a project to undertake but had issues in raising the remainder of the project fee. I wanted to take a loan but contacted Jesupelumi, who financially advised me to delay the payment and invest the capital I have raised (since the project was for a latter date). I was able to raise a large chunk of the remainder fee that way.

Olamide, D. Medical Practitioner

Great content! I have learnt so much from this platform, most especially in terms of saving and investment; Using the sound principles outlined here, I have successfuly developed and stuck to a savings plan, (which I previously found very very difficult) and I am now more conscious about investment options available to me and the associated risks, and so far when I look at my account balance, I'm always happy (on a lighter note) because I've been able to manage my spending and sort my expenses. I am very keen on learning more, and consequently looking forward to more articles and courses from the financial literate! God bless you!

Olutola, A. Mechanical Engineer

It has been awesome and simplified such that those in the non financial aspect find it easy to understand. Your blog posts has really impacted me and my friends, making things easy to understand. I must really commend you, Jesupelumi, for your irresistible efforts.

Alli, O. Accountant

TFL has been a total revelation. It is the complete package when seeking for financial education cutting across all levels. Thanks to your continous insight.

Enyioha, O. Technology consultant , HP

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