About Us

“A generation living the financial-literate lifestyle of financial success and purpose fulfillment.”

The Financial Literate was birthed in 2016 out of a deep passion in her founder, Jesupelumi Oluwagbemi, to promote financial literacy in people, especially young adults.

The Financial Literate was established to provide financial education and empowerment services. It is aimed at enlightening, educating, and promoting financial literacy in teens, youths, and adults. This aim is achieved by promoting investment, entrepreneurship, purpose-driven lifestyle, and a financially literate cultured lifestyle.

At The Financial Literate, we believe that financial literacy starts with a proper mindset of money, then goes on to managing your cashflows well, building wealth, starting early, fulfilling purpose, and living a debt-free lifestyle. As such, our founder, Jesupelumi Oluwagbemi, developed “The Seven Modules of Financial Literacy” which she believes is the foundation of financial literacy.

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About Our Founder

Jesupelumi Oluwagbemi is the founder of The Financial Literate, birthed in February 2016, out of a deep passion to enlighten and empower teens, youths, and adults in the pathway of financial literacy.

With this passion in mind, she has chosen a career in Investment Advisory/Financial Planning for individuals and families.

She holds a First-Class degree in Accounting from Bowen University, Nigeria and an MBA (Honours) degree from Alba Graduate Business School, Greece. She is certified in “Personal and Family Financial Planning” from the University of Florida, USA and is an Associate Chartered Accountant of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).¬†She is also a Chartered Global Investment Analyst (CGIA) of the CGIA Institute.

As a financial literacy advocate, she believes that financial literacy is built on the foundation of seven modules namely: Understanding the tool called money, Controlling the now, The place of discipline, The position of debt, The money-attracting personality, The stream of income in purpose and Multiplying your gold. The omission of one would cause the mix to be unbalanced. To get a summary of these Seven Modules of Financial Literacy, sign up to join our community.

She is a lover of Jesus and a lady characterized by excellence and godliness in all works.

Want to say hello? You can contact her by writing to her at jesupelumi@thefinancialliterate.com