Marie has been employed for roughly five years, yet she couldn’t boast of any tangible savings, talk less of investments. She earns well for her age; however, her finances said otherwise.

She has great difficulty in being disciplined with her finances. Even when she decides to put money aside as savings, the savings end up saving her before her payday, when her account turns red.

She finds it so hard to stick to a budget or to her goals without going off-track. She knows that her addiction to shopping is a major reason for this.

Her case is not that she doesn’t ’t know her problem. She knows it, she just doesn’t know how to get out of it.

Are you like Marie? I’ve got tips for you!


Our money habits determine our financial state, and when we have bad money habits, it’s harder to manage our finances well or build wealth. If you’re struggling with bad money habits, here are some tips to help.

  • Identify your bad money habits. Knowledge is the first key to improvement.
  • List as many as you can identify. To determine if a habit is bad, ask yourself if such habit will lead you to where you want to be financially.
  • Make your habits less appealing/obvious. For example, if your bad habit is addicted shopping, delete the shopping apps from your phone or turn off notifications from them.
  • Activate an auto-save feature on your account with the help of fintech apps. Also, send money to your investment account before you start spending.
  • Have an accountability partner to put you in check. This tip never gets old!
  • Join a finance community where you’re constantly exposed to the right resources. Do you know we have a free WhatsApp finance community? Join young people to learn how to manage your finances well. Here’s the link to join.

I hope these tips prove helpful!

To your financial independence and freedom.

#TFLStories: Episode 8- Marie

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