It’s another episode of the see-write-do series. Last article dealt with the see part. Let’s recapitulate a bit on what we discussed last article.

  • Merely visualizing would not accomplish that great dream, you have to back it up with logical plans;
  • It’s not just enough to visualize that great dream, also visualize the steps that would realize the dream;
  • Logical visualizations prepare your mind to accomplish the steps that would realize that great achievement.

This edition would go on the Write aspect. Writing down your thoughts and intentions has a power. Visualizing can be vague at times but writing out your dreams make them real and accomplishable. When you write out your dream and place it where you can see them each day, it registers itself in your subconscious and your thoughts, actions and speech are tailored towards its achievements. There are times an inspiration for an achievement/dream/creativity suddenly lights your mind, visualizing it alone cannot retain it in your memory for a long time but writing it out would always serve as a reminder. A dream is also not too early to be written out, even when its manifestation is still a while away, writing it out would continually keep the enthusiasm in you burning all through to the time of fulfilment.

However, just like visualizing, you do not just write out the dream but also write out the steps in achieving it. These steps should also have a time frame in order to make them practical. Having a time focus on your steps would yield a definite approach to accomplishing your dream.

So whatever that dream may be, take it from the level of visualizing to writing it out. Happy Writing!

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Originally posted on March 12th 2018 on (A previous version of The Financial Literate

See – WRITE – Do 2

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