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This series is a tripartite one indepthly looking at turning one’s imaginations/dreams into reality. It includes the necessity to visualize one’s dreams alongside the steps needed to realize that dream (this is the SEE aspect). It also emphasizes the need to write out one’s dreams alongside the steps needed to realize such dreams. The steps should also have a time frame (this is the WRITE aspect).
This edition would discuss the last part which would eventually translate that dream into reality. This is the DO aspect.
After envisioning and writing out one’s dreams alongside the steps actualizing such dreams, this next step is to carry out the steps already written out in the second step. Now, these are the things to note about this step
  • Some of the steps already written out in your plan may not be carried out with ease. Some steps would even seem unacheivable. This this can really be very discouraging but I have a learnt in life that there is always an alternative way of doing a particular thing if one approach doesn’t work out . Therefore when one or more of your steps don’t seem to work out, instead of being greatly discouraged, pull yourself together and find an alternative approach to doing it/them.
  • At some point, you may start doubting your ability to pull through this dream. It’s part of the process. No one is born with this intrinsic courage. There are times you doubt your capability, professionalism, experience, strength etc. At this moment , one sentence that should resound in your mind is “YOU CAN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN”. Do not believe that there are things you can’t do. Erase any form of impossibility from your mental makeup
Finally, I have observed in life that there is no limitation except that which you put on yourself and as such if you believe you can do something, nothing can hold you back, no challenges can hold you back, no discouragement can hold you back, nothing of any sort can hold you back. ONLY BELIEVE!
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Originally posted on March 19th 2018 on (A previous version of The Financial Literate)