For some, investment is perceived as a risky activity which requires a lot of expertise and it is only for the rich. While good financial advisory is very important in investment, investment is still very much simpler than most people think. Today, I will be discussing some investment myths you shouldn’t permit to hinder you in your journey of investment. It’s not enough to read them, you should consciously detach your belief system from them.
  •  Investment only means buying shares in a company.

Investing in stocks is just one class of investment. There are still a list of other classes that can be explored. This includes mutual funds, investment deposits, fixed deposits, treasury bills, real estate etc.
  • Investment is capital intensive

False. With as low as N5,000, you are on your way to investing. With what you have, start where you are. You don’t need to have the tons of money before you start investing. Mutual fund is a very good option for low-capital owners.
  • Investment is risky

As much as some investment classes come with risks, we still have a list a list of low/no-risk investment options. Mutual funds, investment deposits, fixed deposits, treasury bills are examples.
  • Investment is a get-rich-quick approach

Any offer that comes with high interest rates that sound so good to be true may actually be so. Investment takes patience and consistency. Likewise, investment is not gambling. You are not making money from nothing, rather, you are growing your money.
  • I am too young/old to invest

Another myth! Age is never a barrier. In investment, starting early is key. It is also not too early to teach your kids about investment. On other hand, it is never too late. There will always be investment opportunity flying around. Whatever stage you are in, investment is not a rule-out option.
  • Investment is too complex to understand

How does investment work? There are people/projects/organizations out there that needs to be financed. You give out your money to them, they create value with your money and you are paid interest for that. Investment is that simple. It’s nothing to be sacred of.
Now you know them, do not let them hinder you!
We believe in you!
To your financial independence and freedom

Investment Myths- Don’t let them stop you!

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