Money is usually attracted, not pursued
-Jim Rohn
Let me start this module by telling two stories.

“Omilola Oshikoya, African’s Wealth Connoisseur, shared her story about a time when she had a car loan and she was overwhelmed by the monthly repayments. When she decided to face her fears to know how much she owed and create a plan for repaying it, something phenomenal happened. That same week, she got a call from someone offering to take up the monthly repayment of her debt. That’s the power of planning and writing it out. It will seem like the entire universe just begins to work in your favour. On Omilola’s part, she called it the God factor and I totally agree with her.


Let me bring it a little personal. I also had a similar experience. I was at a point when my finances were crumbling down. It seemed like I always had debts to repay. And because debts do have an unrepentant cycle, after I’ve paid back a debt, I’ll realize that my leftover income cannot cover my expenses and I’ll have to borrow again and that’s how the cycle goes. It got to a point that I just had to tell myself that I must break off this cycle. I made up my mind that for that month I wasn’t going to take up any loan so I will sacrifice a lot of things just for that month to ensure that my finances get straight from that month. I started doing just that. It wasn’t easy cause it required a lot of sacrifices but I was so determined and guess what, before the end of that month, a steady income source opened.


What am I trying to say from these stories? Money can be attracted. You can attract money to yourself. How? There’s a position you can be that will attract money to you. Howbeit, you must consciously put yourself in that position. It doesn’t happen be chance or mere wishing. It requires actions and diligence.


How then can you put yourself in that position that attracts money?

  • Re-position your belief system: I hope you know that the saying “You are the products of your thoughts” is not just a cliché. There’s absolute truth in every bit of that sentence. Your current state of life is a product of your thoughts. Change your thoughts and your life will follow suit! You can’t have wealth beyond what the eyes of your mind can visualize. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with your current state of finance that you do not notice the effect it’s having on your thinking and subconscious mind. It can make you keep thinking in the negative or limitedly. To attract money and wealth, you must think it even if your current state is saying otherwise.


  • Re-position your association: It is being said that your network is your net worth. Your association affects your belief system. The words you hear from them each day determines the tune your belief system will take. To attract money, you should associate yourself with people of like-mindedness that will help you achieve your financial goals not those who will tear it down.


  • Get a plan: I can’t over-emphasize this. Your finances don’t become better by mere wishing or chances. You must deliberately work it out. (I’m sure if you have been following this series, you should have some tips on how to work out your finances). Write out your plan clearly with pen and paper. Don’t be perturbed by the requirements of the plan or the duration it will take to get you to your desired state of finance. Just start taking actions and you’ll see money you didn’t expect coming your way (I’m a witness!). To give a quick balance, I’m not promoting superstition, I’m just saying that when you plan and start taking actions, things begins to work in your favour.


Money can be attracted; therefore, attract it!
We believe in you!

To your financial independence and freedom


Module 5: The Money-Attracting Personality

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