Money is good. Definitely, having enough money affords us a life of convenience and comfort; however I don’t want us to put so much pressure on getting this wealth. To further help us understand what money is, let’s look at what money is not.

  • Money is not a measure of success

  • Money is not a tool to validate yourself
  • Money is not a tool to avenge yourself of the many wants and insufficiency you had while growing up
  •  Money is not a tool to relay your fear 
  •  Money is not a tool for competition

With the understanding of what money is not in mind, let’s look at what money is

  • Money is a tool for creating value
  •  Money is a means of exchange for goods and services
  • Money is the exchange tool for or comfort and convenience 
  • Money finances our needs and wants 
  • Money is a tool for enhancing impact
  • Money helps create a legacy of recurring income for one’s generation


  • Identify any undue obsession in you;
  •  Intentionally disassociate yourself from it;
  •  Identify any low self-esteem, fear, anger or bitterness in you and redress it first because money does not solve those problems. You may have to seek help from a therapist, clergyman or a trusted fellow;
  •  Clarify our motive for money.

I hope you have been more enlightened on the concept of money with this module. Do join us next week Monday even as we discuss the second module titled “Controlling the Now”.

We believe in you!

To your financial independence and freedom. 

Module 1: Understanding the Tool Called Money (Cont’d)

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