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You can’t be what you don’t know and understand. If you don’t know and understand what financial literacy is about, you can’t be financially literate.

There have been some misinterpretations on what financial literacy is. For some, financial literacy is all about having money, in tons of it. Therefore, when they don’t have it in tons, especially how their society measures success, they begin to feel they are not financially literate. I used to be in this category at some point but now I know better. Inasmuch as a part of financial literacy focuses on growing your wealth, it’s just a part of it. That’s not the full picture. Financial literacy is more than that.

In this light of understanding what financial literacy truly means, we’ll be having a seven-week series of understanding financial literacy titled “7 Modules of Financial Literacy”. These modules cover:

  • Understanding the tool called money
  • Controlling the now
  • The place of discipline
  • The position of debt
  • The stream of income in purpose
  • The money-attracting personality
  • Multiplying your wealth

These capture the whole essence of financial literacy and I’m positive that if you diligently follow through this series, you’ll come out financially literate, money smarter and more fulfilled.

The venue is here and the time is 12pm every Monday starting from May 20th to July 1st.

While you are expectant of this great series, let me drop this here.

Financial literacy cuts across all phases of finances. You can be financially literate even at that state of your finances. Let me amaze you further, having tons of money do not guarantee that you are financially literate. In fact, financial literacy is beyond how you manage or grow your finances but more about the person you become in handling your finances and definitely your personality affects your handling of money.

Keep your eyes glued and prepare your hearts to learn and be enlightened.

We believe in you!

To your financial independence and freedom 

Understanding Financial Literacy

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