In the journey of becoming financially literate, there is definitely going to be the unlearning of many things. These includes bad money lessons from parents/guardians, bad money habits cultivated over time, bad money perspectives etc. Without an unlearning and filtering process, there’s almost no progress one can make.

We do not learn for the benefit of anyone, we learn to unlearn ignorance.
Michael Bassey Johnson

The funny thing is that some of us don’t even know that there are some habits we have that needs to be unlearned. We are fine with them , yet they are limiting us. I recently read of a woman who went into debt worth millions of money to which she was finding an escape route. In the process of being coached and helped, she realized she had to unlearn her habit of emotional giving. She is a very emotional person and most times wants to salvage the situation any one around her has by aiding the person with money. She later understood the effect it had on her finances because she was funding ‘needs’ and not ‘dreams’ and since there are no end to ‘needs’, her finances started going downhill. Don’t get the story twisted, giving ain’t bad; not balancing your ‘giving’ is what’s wrong as too of anything is not good. This particular lady was able to make it out by allotting a particular percentage of her income to giving, once that allocation gets exhausted, that’s all.

Any perspective or habit that keeps pulling you into debt, restrains you from meeting your financial goals or limits you from multiplying your gold is one that should be unlearned in order for you to move forward.

Most importantly, take note that the unlearning process may not come easy. Have you noticed how difficult it is to stop a bad habit? It is so even with money. Discipline is the tool that will take you there.


  • Analyse yourself and identify money habits that you should unlearn.
  • It is easy to replace a bad habit, lesson or perspective with a new one. Therefore, for every bad habit or perspective you’ve pointed out, replace it habits that will help you avoid debts, make wise decisions and multiply your wealth.

We believe in you

To your financial independence and freedom


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