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Here’s a list of five money lessons you should know and practice to attain a financial free and independent life.

Lesson 1: Money doesn’t solve all problems
There are many psychological problems we as humans have and we think the emergence of wealth will solve them. Unfortunately, money won’t. Money will not solve low self esteem, fear, bitterness, inferiority complex and the likes. Deal with these first without the involvement of money.

Lesson 2: Don’t give because someone forced you to give
There’s nothing like forced obligation. You should not give because you are pressurized to give. There’s no gain in it. Give from your heart and cheerfully.

Lesson 3: Don’t buy things to impress people
You are in no competition with anyone; you should not live your life as such. Buy things to express yourself and not to impress anyone.

Lesson 4: Learn to live within your means before increasing your means
No one is saying you should settle for a life of inadequacy, rather, you should learn to control your spendings else no matter the level of your income, you would still have insufficiency.

Lesson 5: It’s not how much you make but how much you can multiply it
Obtaining a good level of income is not just enough because there will always be expenses competing with your income. The major thing is your ability to multiply what you make. Investment is key!

We believe in you!

To your financial independence and freedom 

5 Money Lessons You Should Know

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