It’s another month in the Year 2018! It’s also the sixth week in the Year 2018. It’s still a little early 2018. I’m sure we all have goals for the year 2018. However, before we go on to 2018 goals, why don’t we first evaluate year 2017 goals and lists? We definitely did highlight some goals in 2017 but some might have gone unfulfilled. What went wrong? What mistakes/errors did we make? Without analyzing the wrongs in these previous goals, we can’t successfully achieve 2018 goals. So after addressing 2017 goals, we can then move on to 2018 goals.
So 2018 goal list! I’m positive that we all have goals to improve every area of our lives including our finances in year 2018. Well, I would like to highlight great tips that will be very helpful in achieving 2018 goals.
One great way to get our goals right this year is by taking one small step at a time. Overloading ourselves this year won’t make our goals realistic/achievable. Rather than aiming at great steps, why not first master small steps. It’s great to set high goals, but without first perfecting small steps, we wouldn’t be able to achieve these great steps of ours. In a nutshell, this year let’s try to evaluate our capability, perform at our capacity and faithfully stick to it. For instance, let’s say for our finances, you know you can hit saving 30% of your income this year, start by first saving 10% (the minimum) or higher (if your capacity permits that) and faithfully stick to it. Likewise, if you know reading two books a month this year may be an overload due to a busy schedule you may have , why not start with one book per month and faithfully stick to it. It’s easier when you achieve goals within your capability and be faithful with it than trying to take big steps and end up not been able to achieve it and then you realize you have had another unachievable goal.
If you overload yourself with too many things, you may not be able to achieve them even if you work so hard. This takes away from you a sense of competence, a sense of fulfilment, a sense of progress and consequently undermines your confidence. Achieving your goals improves your sense of accomplishment, competence, fulfilment, progress and builds up your self-worth, self esteem and confidence. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s not good to aim high but I’m just saying it is better one starts with small steps one can easily take and sticks to it faithfully, after doing this, it will be easier to take great steps and easily achieve them. Remember, it is one step at a time!
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Originally posted on February 5th 2018 on (A previous version of The Financial Literate)

One Step at a Time

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