Ruth Njoku
So here’s the last of our six-week entrepreneurship series which we hope has really been inspiring you.
This last edition features another intriguing industry. Here’s our conversation with Ruth Njoku, the C.E.O of Mix ‘n’ Freeze Drinks.
Can you introduce yourself to our avid readers?
My name is Ruth Njoku, Founder/C.E.O of Mix ‘n’ Freeze Drinks. I’m a recent graduate of Accounting Education from Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka and currently a Corps Member serving in Lagos.
How did you end up in this industry?
Last year June 28th -30th, I went for a skills acquisition programme titled Harvesters Skills Acquisition Programme organized by Harvesters International Christian Center, Gbagada. I went through the different skills they had and picked interest in Mixology. I was trained in that field and July 2nd of that same year, I started Mix ‘n’ Freeze Drinks.
What does your company do?
We do all kinds of drinks – Chapman, Smoothies, Milkshakes, Juices, Parfait, Mocktails, Cocktails for any type of event ( Weddings, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Indoor Events etc.). We also do deliveries of all these.
What are some of your major achievements?
Well, it has been to train other people in this field under the same Harvesters Skills Acquisition Programme. I was called back to train as I have gone far in the industry.
What are some challenges you faced thus far?
It has been to get customers. But, after registering the business, I realized that more customers came in cos people want to transact business with companies that are registered. Also, I am currently working in an accounting firm and it has not been easy but grace and passion made it easy for me. Passion is very necessary before you start a business.
What are the future prospects of your firm?
It is to see that Mix ‘n’ Freeze Drinks is in every state in Nigeria and there is an outlet of Mix ‘n’ Freeze Drinks in every eatery nationwide.
How are your products different from that of your competitors?
We focus on doing it right. We mix the right ingredients and ensure that it’s refreshing.
Can we meet your team?
I have five people on my team, excluding me, that work as attendants for our events.
Mix ‘n’ Freeze Drinks Team
How were you able to raise capital for your business?
I started out small with drinks that do not require much equipment. I started with smoothies from home, that didn’t require much capital. From the funds I got from there, I was able to expand and do more drinks.
What advice do you have for anyone dreaming of starting their own business?
Go to God. Man may fail you but God will never fail you.
So, we hope that this greatly-packed series has indeed inspired you. We also waiting to share yours too.
We believe in you!
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