Trust me, it’s so easy to relegate ourselves to self-pity and depression after going through some degree of failure. Likewise is it easy to become easily depressed and downcast when what we are aiming at do not come in view, I’ve been there before.
Life, they say, is not a bed of roses (I’m not trying to be negative here, but, realistic). Life at times do not meet up with our expectations. You may be running a business which is not pulling through or might have made some investments which did not become successful or a career path is seeming difficult for you or something else isn’t working right. It’s okay to feel disappointed at that moment, but do not linger on it. Let that disappointment or failure push you to take another extra mile. Let that disappointment push you to strive towards success harder. Let it open up better ideas on success. Let it motivate you to think better and brighter. Let it bring out the best in you.
This best can only be possible if you open up your mind to move forward. However, if you want to wallow in self-pity, you may end up not going any where ahead.
To win, you mustn’t quit!
We believe in you!
To your financial independence and freedom

Originally posted on September 10th on (A previous version of The Financial Literate)
Winners Are Not Quitters

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