Recently, I observed the trend of workforce segmentation in a particular organization (of which, I know applies to most organizations), those who carry out the daily hard labour of the organization are usually those who get the least paid while those who are in top positions do not seem to do any manual work. It begins to seem unfair that those who are at the top cadre do not do any manual work yet they are the most paid. Well, in actual fact, those who you think do not do any work are those doing the majority of the work – The Mental Work. They are the ones constantly coming up with great ideas to attain a competitive advantage and bring in more wealth.
Don’t get me wrong here, I am not condemning hard work. Hard work is good when it is propelled by great thinking.
If hardwork is all that’s needed to grow rich then the manual labourers working on construction sites should be the richest. There is the need to continually engage in act of great thinking.
Great thinkers are great leaders! Majority of the rich in the world have gotten their wealth from great thinking. They are constantly thinking on creating solutions to problems around them. When others are seeing problems, great thinkers are seeing business/investment opportunities.
To attain great success, you need to be a great thinker. In whatever you are doing , as an employee or a business owner, it is not just enough to be hardworking, there is a need to think and conceptualize great ideas if you want to climb up the ladder of success really fast.
We believe in you!
To your financial independence and freedom.

Originally posted on September 17th 2018 on (A previous version of The Financial Literate)
It’s not Work and Grow Rich; It’s Think and Grow Rich

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