Financial success requires discipline, just the same way any form of success requires discipline.

We, humans, innately prefer the easy way. Therefore, to attain success, consciously practising right habits is important.

Let me break it down more. It is easier to spend as your desires come than making a budget and spending within it. It is easier to spend all you earn on wants and needs (because human wants are insatiable, the more you earn, the more wants you have) than sacrificing some wants and investing a part of your income. These are some examples to prove that we will rather take the easier way.

Therefore, attaining discipline becomes less enticing to people; however, you can make these habits (the disciplined habits you need for financial success) convenient and easy for you.

How then can you make your right finance habits convenient? Here are some tips:

• Keep your budget app on your phone’s home page or set alarms on all your monthly paydays for the year to remind you to make a budget before spending your income.

• Activate an auto-save feature on your account with the help of fintech apps (e.g., Piggyvest, Cowrywise) This makes your savings habit easy and convenient.

• Keep your investment apps on the home page of your phone. The more you see your apps, the more the reminders. (You don’t randomly forget that you should invest ?).

• Have an accountability partner to keep you in check with your money drains (A money drain is an expense class that consumes a significant proportion of your income and does not really provide a tangible return).

• Read finance books with your friends. This helps you become more intentional on reading about finance.

The more you make your right habits convenient, the more you are likely to practise them easily.

To your financial independence and freedom!

Make It Easy!

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