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Today is the first Monday in the month, which is also a new quarter. So, here are some good tips to keep you focused on your journey to financial independence and freedom.

▪︎Review your first quarter’s finance activities- What were your finance strengths and weaknesses for Quarter 1? This can be a very good guide for you in the next quarter.

▪︎Keep your goals for Quarter 2 handy; you will need them to guide you. If you do not have goals yet, it’s not too late to write them out. Here are some tips- How much do you want to invest monthly? How do you want to grow your income in Quarter 2? How do you intend developing yourself in Quarter 2?

▪︎Perform your monthly proper finance routines- Prepare a budget to spend in, make an investment from your income, list out your debtors and creditors; follow up on your debtors and create a repayment plan for your creditors, track your investments and note those maturing soon, ensure your savings for different goals are still on track

▪︎Get an accountability buddy. Do you have difficulty sticking to the right habits? An accountability buddy can be of great help.

Feel free to add your tips to the list. I hope today’s post enlightens you.

To your financial independence and freedom!

Remember the Basics!

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