Have you ever tried lighting a candle with another candle in a dark room. The first candle doesn’t blow out instead the room becomes more illuminated. The more the candles that are lighted, the brighter the room will be. That’s exactly what happens when you impart knowledge to others or you coach/train others on that which you know, you light candles.
From time to time, we find mentors whom we learn from which is definitely good but on our own part how have we mentored someone.
Life is not all about taking. It’s also about giving. Don’t feel too busy to coach someone on what you know, someone also created the time to coach you. You shouldn’t also see that which you know/ possess as too small or irrelevant. You don’t know whose life you may bless.
So, take it upon yourself to search for someone in your neighborhood who may need one or more skills you possess and impart it unto that person. You are lighting a candle which in turn will light many other candles.
Together, let’s make the world brighter!

Originally posted on June 4th 2018 on www.thefinancialliterate.wordpress.com (A previous version of The Financial Literate)
Light Candles

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