Happy New Week Dear Readers.
We hope indeed that this platform has been really helpful, inspiring and impacting.
Looking back through our previously published articles, we’d like to reiterate some salient points from these articles which are still ever relevant and helpful.
  • It’s not how much you have but what you do with what you have;
  • You don’t have to wait till you get fired before you start thinking of other means of earning money;
  • Money doesn’t solve all problems. If your sole aim of getting money is to solve fear, low self-esteem, anger or bitterness. Money, unfortunately, will not solve them;
  • Success is a combination of both our beliefs and actions;
  • Entrepreneurship is a mindset and because it is a mindset, you don’t start a business before you become an entrepreneur; you become an entrepreneur before starting a business;
  • Investment is a simple activity anyone can get involved in if only you know what you are doing; don’t view it as a complex one.
Let us hear from you. If this platform has been ever impacting, let us know. Do write us at financial.literate@yahoo.com
We believe in you!
To your financial independence and freedom

Originally posted on October 8th 2018 on www.thefinancialliterate.wordpress.com (A previous version of The Financial Literate)
Ever Helpful!

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