About four years ago, at The Financial Literate, we designed the seven modules of financial literacy. These modules are still relevant today, and we believe are the foundation of financial literacy. Do you want to be financially literate? Then, check out these modules, as they will guide you into financial literacy. What’s more interesting is that these steps are simple and you can take them one step after the other.

It begins with Understanding the tool called money which emphasizes having a proper mindset of money. The second module talks on Control your Now which talks about managing your cashflows well to build wealth.

The third module talks on The place of discipline. You need to discipline your spending habits and emotions to be financially literate. Discipline cannot be overemphasized. The fourth module talks about The position of debt and how it affects your finances.

The fifth module shed light on how to have a Money-attracting personality. Of course, you can attract money to yourself with the right belief system, association, and a proper plan. The sixth module talks on The stream of income in purpose and the seventh and last module sheds light on how to Multiply your money.

I believe these seven modules, if put into action, will lead you to financial literacy!

To your financial independence and freedom!

7 Modules of Financial Literacy

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