Yes! Business is also a class of investment, one with high potentials for infinite returns. Most of today’s world billionaires are business owners.
The good thing about business is that you can start small, almost with nothing and grow your business with cashflows coming in. I know of most people who started their businesses right from their house, used their home equipments and had one employee which was themself of course. A business is also one class of investment which may require little capital at the inception stage. Most big businesses started small and grew with time.
“Someone once said you may have problems in business if you want to start big…… So, what are you still waiting for, take that next courageous step and establish that dream business of yours. You may not have to wait to start big.”
“It is also worth noting that financial consultants advise that it’s better to build your business first, use cashflow from your business to buy real estate and then invest in other businesses.”
Very Importantly, to grow your business, treat your business as a separate entity from yourself. Don’t dip your hands into your business income for personal use. Account for every income and expense. Then, you are on your way to growing your business. Also, to succeed well in business, you need to learn to deal properly and patiently with customers, suppliers, employees, government authorities, business systems, environment etc.
I hope you are inspired by this…. Join us again next week Monday…….
We believe in you!
To your financial independence and freedom.

Originally posted on July 2nd 2018 on (A previous version of The Financial Literate)
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