Most of us are familiar with the word “entrepreneur”. We have taken courses on entrepreneurship one or more times at different times our lives but how many of us want to be one. An entrepreneur can be defined as one who initiates or finances new commercial enterprises. Literally, an entrepreneur is one who establishes, finances and manages a business directly or indirectly. We all studied or are studying different courses in school. Some of which some people do no plan to use after their schooling. Some people don’t even know what to do after school and yet some have dreams of working in big multinational organizations but then why don’t you have A DREAM OF OWNING ONE.

As an entrepreneur, you can either invent a new product or service or establish a business which is already familiar to people. In our different courses, we can have great ideas popping out e.g. a microbiologist, through her knowledge of microorganism, can make and sell face cleansers. We all have talents, through your God- given talents; you can also have great ideas. Also, through what people appreciate you for, you can have great ideas. Whatever you are doing, just make sure it is legal and also seek expert advice so that you don’t establish a business that crumbles after few months.

Most times, success is not a result of chance, good fortune and luck but IDEAS is the force that brings about success. Someone once said “When preparation meets opportunity, success is inevitable”. Preparation can mean the idea you have built up in your heart and in writing while opportunity can mean good luck or chance. Most often than not, successful people are celebrated for their own work (business). You really don’t hear of someone celebrated because he is an employee in an organization instead it’s because he owns it. There’s a financial genius in you, awaken it! Your financial genius is waiting to come out!

Lastly, remember that when God blesses the works of your hands, the blessing is coming through you but not only for you. BE A BLESSING!
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Originally posted on March 22nd 2017 on (A previous version of The Financial Literate Blog)

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