There is power in the words you speak is not just a cliché, it is indeed very potent.

Speak positive words till they become a part of you. Speak the words till they come into existence.

When you speak positive words loudly, you design your mind to follow suit. Your actions also follow that order and then you begin to see the reality of the words you speak.

Below are some money confessions I have listed. Feel free to add yours. Write them out where you can see it and keep speaking it (Another option is to set a reminder on your phone to speak out your money confessions daily).

Also, remember to speak them out loudly, not under your breath!

Speak until they become reality!

•I live in abundance and not in scarcity.
•I have more than enough for all my needs.
•I refuse to be enslaved to money.
•I receive clarity of purpose and wisdom to make money from my purpose.
•I refuse to be an impulsive spender.
•I grow richer daily.
•I keep attracting money to myself.
• I make the best of opportunities around me.
•I continually have wisdom to manage my finances rightly.
•My money will continually make money for me, even after retirement.
•I will continually be blessed and be a source of blessing.

We believe in you!

To your financial independence and freedom.

My Money Confessions

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