“The path to wealth is found in the fulfilment of purpose”

It is important to begin by emphasizing that each one of us are in this world to fulfill a specific purpose. There’s no being on earth without a purpose. It is in the face of achievement of this purpose that you find fulfillment, you find relevance to the world and then you also find wealth.

If that’s the case, then, it’s better we are on our journey to finding purpose and fulfilling it. Just like that old tale, we make life easier for us when we spend time sharpening the axe first before cutting down the wood. We will be able to achieve more that way.

Recently, I was listening to one of Nigeria’s top life coaches at a conference and I carefully paid attention to him as he reeled off the processes it took him to find out his purpose on earth which spanned a period of about six months. What I’m trying to say in essence is that finding out your purpose will require from you diligence and intentional seeking. It will require that you go back to the Creator, God for clarification. It will require that you conscientiously analyse your personality, strength and passion.

Finally, let me end on the note that in the journey of fulfilling purpose, the wealth may not come immediately, which emphasizes the place of perseverance. Keep doing that which you were born to do. Keep touching lives in your own way and before you know it, wealth will be running after you.

We believe in you

To your financial independence and freedom 

Wealth in Purpose

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