Hello people. How are you all doing? This is to all youths, teenagers and interested adults. We live in an economy where we strive to make ends meet. In our own generation, let’s make a difference. Don’t let us live with ignorance like our predecessors and wallow in poverty. This is a call to FINANCIAL LITERACY. This is not something taught in schools but something you have to take the extra mile to learn. In the past months I have been reading a couple of books whose secrets coupled with my experience, personal knowledge, knowledge and experience from financial experts would be shared in a series termed “The Financial Literate” .Here’s the first edition. Please like this article if it has been impacting and useful. So let’s get started and don’t forget to put what you have learnt into practice else writing this article would have been a futile exercise. Enjoy your reading!!!!!

Originally posted on February 17th 2016 on www.thefinancialliterate.wordpress.com(A previous version  of The Financial Literate Blog)

The Journey Begins…….

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