The uncertainty of the future can really get you confused at some points ?.

This moment, you are excited about building plans for your future and the next moment, you hear some unpleasant or unfortunate news that make you wonder if there’s even going to be a tomorrow for you. This makes you feel like blowing up all you have now to enjoy your present (we all don’t know what tomorrow holds right?)

Now, you are stuck between chopping life now ? (so many ugly events in news, right?) and using your present income to build a wealthy future for yourself.

Which should you go for?

Or should you maintain a balance between both options?

I encourage people a lot to enjoy their present moment – pamper yourself, rest and enjoy the serenity of life. This keeps you rejuvenated and makes your life fun-filled.

Likewise, I encourage people to plan for their future. Have a plan to build wealth for yourself and this starts with your today’s actions. Wealth is a consequence of your actions. How can you achieve this? Set wealth goals now and start funding your goals!

A budget helps you maintain a balance between these two spectrums. With your monthly income, allocate a part to build wealth for your future and allocate a part to enjoy your present. Put a balance between the two!

To your financial independence and future!

Chop Life Today Versus Invest for Your Future

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