One goal of investing is to earn passive income. Passive money is money earned with little or no effort required to keep it coming.

One best way to grow passive income is to commit a part of your active income (income earned from the use of your time and energy) towards generating passive income by investing.

I encourage people to invest monthly as often as they get monthly income. However, when your income is not regular, how do you achieve this aim. How do you even live by financially with Irregular income.

This post will shed some amazing tips to maximize your finances with Irregular income.

The first step is to calculate your average income. There are months with more income and there are some with lesser income. Calculate the average of your income and take this as your base income. This becomes the income you will be working monthly.

The next thing is to create a BUDGET. Draft out a budget within your base income. So, here’s the tip. Ensure that investment is also included in your budget; give it priority (Rule of Pay yourself first). Ensure every other expenses/bills are prioritized within your income.

Thirdly, create an income account in which you can save up for your excess income in months that you earn above your base income. You will also draw from this account in months where you do not earn up to your base income. This will help you stabilise your income.

This fund is solely to stabilize your income, not to substitute as your emergency fund or any regular savings.

Finally, track your progress. Since you have a base income (which represents your average income), ensure that you track your income level in respect to your base income. If you consistently earn lesser than your base income, this may mean you have to increase your efforts to earn more money.

Do note that it is important you have the intention and a plan in place to maximize your finances. When this is in place, it is easy to align your plan to whatever income you earn.

We believe in you!

To your financial independence and freedom

Planning with Irregular Income

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