It’s definitely no news that the first half of the year is gone and we are grateful for the wins and downs cause what doesn’t break us make us stronger. Now, we have before us the next six months. What can we do within this period? A lot!

I know the first half year may not have been rosy or juicy for most people. A pandemic came in and came with its effects. Even though some people still have their income sources stable, expenses have been on the rise. Hence, the pandemic has had effect on the finances of most people. But hold on a sec! I have great news for you. You can still ace your financial goals in this second half of the year.

The first tool you need is “Your Mind”. Your mind is one big tool that can make you money. You have to intentionally choose the mindset you want to have. Do you want a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset. You know well that good things happen to those who believe. Get your mindset right! Learn from others! View others’ successes as hope for yours (it makes no sense to down play others’ successes or be depressed by your situation when you can learn from them). Develop a money-attracting peronality

My second point is “Review Your Financial Goals”. You may have set out this year with some outstanding, challenging goals and maybe because of the turnout of events, you may not have crushed your first half-year goals, you do not have to work yourself up so much on it. Now is a good time to revisit your goals. You may want to extend the realization date of some of your goals. You may also want to bring down a bit the bar you have set for yourself. It’s okay to be a little gentle on yourself.

Though your goals are to be challenging, they should also be realistic. There is a joy that comes with you achieving your goals; you have the enthusiasm to push further.

Thirdly, you can still grow wealth at this time. Yes, I just said that! Rates are low right? However, investment is a long term game. It may be a gradual process but the market should get better. In another view, these rates are definitely better than having your money sitting in your bank account plus it reduces the risks of your money easily accessible to spend.

The three takeaways from this post are

  • Have an abundance mindset

  • Review your financial goals. You may want to adjust them.

  • You can grow wealth. Still be diligent and consistent about it.

We believe in you!

To your financial independence and freedom

Acing Your Financial Goals In This Second-Half

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