“Your financial blueprint consist of a combination of your thoughts, feeling and actions in the arena of money”
T. Harv Eker
The above quote is very much true. Your perspective of money is very important because your financial blueprint is dependant on your perspective of money. Your perspective of money, to a large aspect, determines your actions which in turn leads to results.
The discussion series is still on and delightfully we have another topic up for discussion. Today’s question says “What is your perspective of money?
Participant I:
Money does not just jump on you over night. You strategically plan you way to acquiring it. Many want it over night using several short cuts, but it can’t just work because there are a lot of things that has to do with acquiring money. The truth of the matter is, getting money is not the real thing. The real thing is the person you have to become in order to attract money. Yes, there is a kind of person you need to become in order to attract money.
Participant II:
For me, your exposure towards money determines your expectations towards money. If you’ve have not been exposed to huge amounts of money, your money mentality is still small and you can’t view yourself having much of it. This is what makes you think people who have much of it are most probably stealing it. So, I’ll say my perspective of money is you can get it as much as you can think it. However, you can only think what you can see with your inner eyes.
Wow, two great perspectives of money, who you are and what you can see with your inner eyes.
Activity Plan
If you haven’t analysed your perspective of money yet, you get involved in any deals of money and you can easily get blown by the winds of money in any direction. Therefore, deliberately decide what your perspective of money should be and this directs your actions.
To your financial independence and freedom

Originally posted on August 20th 2018 on www.thefinancialliterate.wordpress.com (A previous version of The Financial Literate)
What is Your Perspective of Money?

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