For y’all out there who have a business or aspiring to have one, ask yourself this question, if I decide to take a six-month break, will that business still go on without me and still earn me money. If you can answer that, you can readily tell the difference between a self-employed and a business owner.
In a summary, a self-employed is one who owns a job/business. You are your own boss. You are the major worker. Nobody can do it better than you do it so you hardly delegate your work out. Your income is proportional to the capacity of what you can produce/offer.
On the other hand, a business owner, according to Robert Kiyosaki is “one who owns a system and hires people to operate the system”. A business owner is not afraid to delegate his/her work to people. He/she creates a system that reflects the ideas, values, vision and mindset of the owner. People with their individual skills come in and operate this system in a way that mirrors the owner’s vision. Business owners focus more on thinking and conceiving better ideas and finally business owners have learnt to work with and lead people.
Are you a self-employed or a business owner?
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Originally posted on May 21st 2018 on (A previous version of The Financial Literate)
Self-employed Vs Business Owner

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