Daniel Dickson
Dickson Clothings is the story of a young creative individual with the passion for clothing and fashion combined with an entrepreneurial drive to start a business and attain financial freedom and independence.
The Financial Literate found out more about this creative company from its founder, Daniel Dickson this month…..
Can you tell us a little about your background?
I finished from the University of Ilorin where I studied Geology and Mineral Science. During my third year in school, I was able to attend a seminar on entrepreneurship and later on while serving in the Ministry of Water Resources and Energy in Platue State, I learnt how to sew and design female clothings. After service year, I decided to go into the fashion industry since I had the passion for it.
What does your company do?
We deal in stylish native wears for both males and females. We introduce English attires like check, vintage etc into the Native attires.
What inspired you to start Dickson Clothings?
I remembered back then when I was still in University, I went for a seminar on how to get a secondary source of income and the facilitator taught that being a salary earner would keep you poor but getting an additional income would serve as a ticket to making you rich. After service year, I applied for a series of job, the pay was not encouraging, it was similar to what I was receiving as pocket money back in school and since I loved seeing people look good, I decided to follow my passion and Dickson Clothings was birthed.
Tell us a little about your team
We are a team of five: I, as the president and chief designer, another fashion designer, a web manager, a graphic designer and a marketer.
So far, what challenges have your firm faced?
I tell people that as an entrepreneur, it’s your passion that would keep you going even when the money is not coming in. I started this business in September last year and I didn’t get my first customer until February this year. I had to borrow some money to make some attires and on one occasion, I wore one of the attires, somebody saw it and wanted the exact style, that’s how I got my first customer.
What are some of your major achievements?
Someone overseas saw my design and wanted me to make some attires for her. She sent in her measurements and paid for everything including the shipping. All I had to do was to sew it. She made a photoshoot with the design and since then, I’ve been getting calls from people overseas.
What are your future prospects?
I want Dickson Clothings to be a household name, a brand to reckon with. I also want to bring in a team of experts to work with and boost the image of our African designs.
There is this predominant perceived limitation of entrepreneurship as lack of capital, what’s your view on this?
I don’t agree with this. It’s not until you raise a huge sum of money, it’s about you making a step. People procrastinate and begin to do other things because they are trying to raise enough capital and in doing so, they drift away from their dreams and start doing something else. I had to borrow some money when I started sewing. I love telling people that after schooling, instead of finding employment jobs, find out things you can personally do. It’s about you making a step!
How are your products different from that of your competitors?
As a young man, I try to keep up with pace because in this industry, a style can be in vogue now and before you know it, it’s outdated. Also, when I see styles from my competitors, I add my own creativity to make it original.
“You can’t succeed in what you don’t have passion for”
Share with us your personal philosophy of success
I believe in hardwork, focus, passion and belief in God
What is your advice to anyone dreaming of starting their own business?
Before you start something, ensure you have passion for it. Surround yourself with people that believe in you. Read books, attend seminars on business and believe in God!
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