I was talking with a colleague recently who was looking downcast. I asked him what the problem was, he replied by saying “I just need money; someone should give me billions of naira.”

Being the analytic person I am, I asked him why he needs this money. He said because he doesn’t want to be in a situation where he would need money and he wouldn’t have it. I gave him some financial tips like having a good emergency fund for rainy days and the likes. Most importantly, I told him that God wants you to trust in Him rather than in money because if you put so much faith in money, as long as you do not have as much as you want, you wouldn’t have the peace that you should have.

As good as money is, your money should not be your God. Don’t trust so much in it. If you do, it will cost you your peace. I’m not trying to sound overly spiritual here. Do the basics to keep your finances healthy. However, your faith should not be in your money. It should be in God because He’s the one who can make the provisions available even at the state of extreme emergencies that your emergency fund cannot handle.

Your faith should be in God, not in your money!

We believe in you!

To your financial independence and freedom

My Money and My Faith

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