Do we say that you shouldn’t satisfy your fashion cravings just because you are trying to keep your finances in order? A big NO.
Why choose between keeping your finances in order and satisfying your cravings when you can do both. Here are some finance tips to guide you while being fashionable.

Shop with a budget. A budget does not stop you from spending, rather, it guides you in how you spend. When you have allocated a proportion of your income to shopping, you can shop without regrets and guilts. So I tell myself, this is the amount I have to shop with in a month and I try to work within that budget. If there are more things I need to get, it will form the following month’s budget. This way, I don’t feel guilty spending on myself because I also spend on other things that matter.

Expensive does not mean quality. I recently got a nice bag and in less than six months, this bag which I occasionally use had started wearing out. I was surprised because it was more expensive than a bag I had bought over a year back which I frequently use and was still in good shape. What I am saying is that when going for that fashionable item, don’t tempted to think that expensive means quality. Rather, look at if you can afford and maintain it.

Likewise, you don’t have to break a bank to look good. Don’t try to follow the crowd. Know your pocket size and act within. For me, I’ll say keep it simple and classy.

How about shopping during “sales”? Some of these fashion and beauty brands have their times of “sales” in a year when items are sold at a discounted price. How about moving your luxurious shopping to that time while you get your necessities at their full price at other times.

Your eye can be on fashion and also be on building wealth!

We believe in you!

To your financial independence and freedom.

My Money and My Fashion

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